Pictures from our Party!

We invited the Chess Champions from Brooklyn’s I.S. 318 to a party at the Classic Car Club on February 12th (12 is a Yushino number, of course). They had so much fun! Here are the pictures from the party:

We kicked off their season by donating a day in the Club’s cars for the school’s auction. Please contact us for details if you want to participate in the auction!


Version 1.1 is Live!

Yushino version 1.1 is live on iTunes! Main updates are: 

– Play Notifications! 
– Automatic FaceBook login 
– In-app purchases for Tokens. You can now use more of the Coach and the ‘# Left’ inside the game 
– Free Tokens for following us on Twitter 
– Play against the machine: see the best move on Pass & Play (for a limited number of times) 
– Better instructions 
– Various bug fixes

Want a high score? Think twice!

Just like chess, Yushino has more than one move! You don’t win if you place a single high score, but if your total score is higher than your opponent’s. Think one move ahead, or two, or more! It can be exciting to place a 100 point move, but does that open a triple multiplier so your opponent may score more? You might be better off scoring less. Sometimes. Even the coach won’t help you with this strategy, and that’s the beauty of it!